Kinnick Society Gold (KG): Lot 43 West

  • Pre-assigned reserved parking spaces for parking and/or tailgate.

Kinnick Society (KS): Lot 43 West, 43 NW and 43 North

Champion Hawk (CH): Lot 43 North

Golden Hawk (GH): Lots 33, 46, 49 and 75.

Silver Hawk (SH): Ramp 4 and Lot 14. 

2019 Football Contributor Parking Map.jpg


Season-long parking passes must be purchased in advance through the UI Athletics Ticket Office at a cost of $500. Limited parking is available and spaces are chosen prior to the season based on priority points within membership level.

  • KG, KS, CH and GH: Lots 40, 43 North (selected areas) and 75 South.

    • Pre-assigned reserved parking spaces for RV parking only.

  • SH: Lot 65 South

2019 Football Contributor RV Parking Map.jpg