There are a total of 30 exit ramps in the bowl seating area arranged as follows:

  • 9 on the West Side
  • 9 on the East Side
  • 6 on the North End
  • 6 on the South End 

These are the same exits fans use to go to concessions and restroom facilities located in the concourse areas. These bowl exit ramps are illustrated on the next slide as WHITE rectangles in the seating areas. 

To completely exit Kinnick stadium, you must continue past the outside wall and gates. This plan is designed to assist fans with the most direct emergency exit path once they enter the concourse area while also attempting to avoid confusion and congestion. 

Depending on the nature of the emergency and AS TIME PERMITS, waist high metal fencing may be placed in certain areas to keep fans OUT of the danger area. These barricades will be staffed by security personnel.

The stadium scoreboard as well as the public announcement system will be used to keep fans informed and to offer instructions. Additionally, to assist with an orderly exit, security and law enforcement personnel may be in the concourse areas to direct fans out of the stadium and give further instructions if necessary. Please look for exit signs and follow instructions given as you exit.

The next slide illustrates the preferred emergency EXIT PATHWAYS for Kinnick stadium.

Fans sitting in the north bleachers will notice steps in the north concourse area leading to gates that will be opened in an emergency evacuation. Fans will need to step up (3 steps) to exit through the metal gates. Please use caution when climbing these steps to exit the stadium in an emergency. The next slides are pictures of the north concourse area.

Fans sitting in the south bleachers will notice an upper tier and a lower tier of seating divided by a walkway. The next slide is a picture of the walkway separating upper and lower seating in the south bleachers.

There could be times when the best plan of action calls for sheltering fans inside Kinnick stadium utilizing the concourse areas, restrooms, ramps and tunnels. If the shelter in place option is selected, instructions would be given to the fans.

To help with the shared goal of safe and orderly emergency exiting from Kinnick stadium, we rely on all fans to account for and assist everyone in their party and to please follow instructions. While we certainly hope we will never need to exercise these emergency plans, having a plan and following that plan enhances everyone’s safety.