Evashevski Drive

Evashevski Drive will be closed to vehicular traffic between Lot 43N Drive and Hawkins Drive due to Kinnick Stadium’s north end zone construction.

First Avenue

First Avenue in Coralville will be reduced to one lane in each direction from just south of Sixth Street to just south of Ninth Street during the 2018 football season. Drivers should expect traffic delays and alternative routes to and from Kinnick Stadium are strongly encouraged.

Hawkins Drive 

For the safety of our fans, the University of Iowa Department of Public Safety will be closing Hawkins Drive, directly east of Kinnick Stadium (from Evashevski Drive to Melrose Avenue) to vehicular traffic two and a half hours prior to kick-off until two hours post-game.

Vehicles wanting access to University parking lots and ramps east of Hawkins Drive (14, 49, Ramp 4) and private residences on and south of Melrose Avenue must approach from Melrose Avenue (eastbound) or from Riverside Drive and up Grand Avenue (westbound).

Charter buses parking on Hawkins Drive and vehicles entering Ramp 3 must enter Hawkins Drive from the north after closure begins (two and a half hours prior to kick-off)

Melrose Avenue

Melrose Avenue will be closed to vehicular traffic (westbound) between Hawkins Drive and Evashevski Drive approximately one hour before game time. Post-game traffic on Melrose Avenue will be two lanes westbound, starting from Evashevski Drive and continuing to US-218.  All post-game traffic east of Evashevski Drive will be forced eastbound toward Riverside Drive.

Myrtle Avenue

The Myrtle Avenue and Riverside Drive intersection is no longer closed and will be completely open to vehicular traffic on football game days

Parking LOT Policies


Selected UI parking lots (Lots 33, 40, 43, 65, 71, 75, 85 and Myrtle) are open for entry from 7:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. the night before all home football games. The lots will re-open for entry at 6:00 a.m. the morning of game day. All other parking lots are open for entry at 6:00 a.m. on the day of each home football game.

Following each home football game, RV owners will be allowed to spend the night in the parking lot but are asked to depart from the UI parking lots by 9:00 a.m. the day after the game.

Activities in Carver-Hawkeye Arena may require an adjustment in the opening of some parking lots. Please check back here the Tuesday of each game week for any changes to the lot opening and/or departure times.


Only vehicles with a valid football parking pass are allowed in UI parking lots. Taxi and Ubers without a valid football parking pass are NOT allowed inside UI parking lots on game days.


The UI uses the following definitions for vehicles: a car is any car, pick-up truck or SUV. A recreational vehicle (RV) is any vehicle that includes a restroom. Travel trailers, “5th wheels” or pull-behind trailers are not allowed in any UI parking except the Hawkeye Commuter Lot (Lot 85).

designated areas / use of spaces

Automobiles and RVs may park only in designated areas. In order to efficiently use every parking lot, specific locations are assigned for automobiles and RVs. The use of a parking space for other reasons, such as portable grills, trailers, tents, chairs, etc. is not permitted in non-reserved areas. For reserved parking lots, a parking space used for other reasons is only permitted if a parking pass is presented for specific space not used for vehicle.


Saving parking spaces for other motorists is not permitted in any lot. Parking on the UI campus is on a first come-first served basis except in lots with reserved spaces


Tailgating is not permitted in travel lanes on roads or parking lots. No tents, chairs or other items may be placed or extend into travel lanes. Any non-adherence to this policy may result in UI Police officers requiring the tent, tarp or canopy be removed. There are a limited number of parking spaces on the University of Iowa campus for the 70,000 fans that attend games. It is important to make every space available to use for parking. They can also cause tailgate parties to overflow into travel lanes causing a hazard for other vehicles and the passage of emergency vehicles.