Tailgate Policies & FAQs

Alcohol Policy

Fans of the Iowa Hawkeyes are some of the loudest and proudest in the country and we are thankful for their enthusiasm. However, a very small number of fans can have a negative impact on the game day experience of fans around them. Please help us in our effort to make game day at Kinnick Stadium a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone by reviewing the information below and taking a moment to "Think Before You Drink."

General Game Day Policies

  • Tailgating that includes the responsible and lawful use of alcohol is permitted within the parameters determined by law and University rules and protocols.

  • On football game days only, beer and wine are allowed in UI parking areas. Patrons and ticket holders are advised that state law prohibits hard liquor consumption of possession of an opened bottle of hard liquor on public property, which includes UI parking lots and ramps.

  • Beer trucks, kegs, open bars and people in possession of exorbitant amounts of alcohol will not be permitted in any UI parking area, including parking ramps. Violators will be asked to leave University property immediately.

Inside Kinnick Stadium

The University reserves the right to search patrons for alcoholic beverages. Any persons who appear intoxicated will be refused entry into the stadium. In an effort to encourage an enjoyable experience for all fans attending games at Kinnick Stadium, persons who appear intoxicated or those possessing or drinking alcohol in unapproved areas of the stadium will be ejected without refund and are subject to arrest. 

Night Prior to Game

If you tailgate the night immediately prior to game day, please remember that possession of an open container of beer, wine or consumption of hard liquor is prohibited by law on public property.

Open Container

Anyone in possession of an open container (including beer, wine and hard liquor) while walking/driving to University property on the public sidewalks and roads will be issued a citation and the beverage will be confiscated.

Underage Drinking

The State of Iowa's minimum legal drinking age is 21. Law enforcement will stop anyone who appears to be underage transporting beer and other alcoholic beverages. If underage, a citation will be issued and all alcoholic beverages will be emptied.

Bands & Amplified Sound

Live musical bands and other live performances are NOT allowed at tailgating sites or on campus without prior approval from Iowa Athletics. Amplified music must be confined to your tailgate area and speakers must be directed into your tailgate party. This policy is intended to protect the enjoyment of other fans. Musical tastes and tolerable noise levels vary greatly from tailgate party to tailgate party.

Grills & Wood Fires

LP and charcoal grills and LP heaters; when temperature warrants, are permitted in parking lots but are prohibited in parking ramps. Please do not place used charcoal, embers, or ash in trash cans, under trees, or leave it in the parking areas. LP grills or heaters are limited to one, 20# LP cylinder per device; no spare or additional cylinders will be allowed. Open wood fires or wood fires enclosed in portable fire pits are not permitted.

Tailgating Hours

You're invited to enjoy the atmosphere around Kinnick Stadium on football game days. The restrictions on tailgating hours have been relaxed, provided that tailgating is done responsibly. However, tailgating will not be allowed following games starting after 6:00 p.m.

Inflatables & Drones

Inflatables such as balloons and blimps are prohibited from being flown or tethered from vehicles parked in the lots. Drones are not allowed without prior permission from University Police.

Reason: Tethered inflatables and drones of any kind pose a danger in addition to creating a safety risk for others in the parking lots and to air ambulances arriving and departing from UI Hospitals and Clinics.

Security & Safety


It is your responsibility to secure tailgate items prior to entering the stadium. You should lock food, beverages and valuables out of sight in vehicles; extinguish all fires or flames; unplug all electrical outlets; secure barbeque pits, chairs, and ice chests; and store alcoholic beverages in locked containers.


The University of Iowa cannot ensure the security of tailgate areas.

You can report emergencies (medical or intolerable behavior) by calling the Game Day Hotline (319) 384-3000, or by sending a text message to 69050, then type the word IOWA followed by the issue and the location.


Tents, tarps or canopies are not permitted if they impede foot or vehicular traffic or if they extend into an additional parking space, except in authorized areas.


There are a limited number of parking spaces on the University of Iowa campus for the 70,000 fans that attend games. It is important to make every space available for parking. They can also cause tailgate parties to overflow into travel lanes causing a hazard for other vehicles and the passage of emergency vehicles.